Vital tips in keeping safety inside a commercial kitchen

You should observe important safety precautions in your commercial kitchen at all times to avoid undesirable accidents. More importantly, these precautions should blend well with quality kitchen equipment, such as a reliable commercial gas burner.


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Moreover, you should practise such precautions whether you have a small or large food and beverage enterprise. These regulationss can include proper attire, kitchen equipment, fire safety systems, and proper sanitation among other factors.


What to remember about maintaining safety in a commercial kitchen workplace


To keep undesirable accidents away from your commercial kitchen, here are a few reminders you and your staff should remember:


Ensure all kitchen equipment and machines are on good condition


Different commercial kitchen tools, equipment and machines could potentially cause serious accidents when used or left unchecked. For example, gas-powered grills can easily start a fire, especially when there’s leak through the gas pipes or tubes.


This also makes it important to have quality kitchen equipment such as commercial grills to help avoid such incidents.


Proper cooking attire for all kitchen staff


A huge percentage of kitchen staff’s injuries results from a lack of wearing appropriate attire while working. For example, burns can result from a lack of protection against hot objects while facing commercial deep fryers. In addition, the staff can possibly fall or slip because of wearing inappropriate shoes.


As a result, be sure your kitchen staff have kitchen aprons, gloves, hairnet, face mask and other protective attires to avoid any major injuries.


Ventilation and exhaust systems


Any commercial kitchen should have a proficient ventilation system to avoid heat from being trapped inside. This can help avoid cases of carbon monoxide suffocation and heat-related ailments among your staff.


If you have commercial Robata grills, for example, it should be placed near or beneath a ventilation system, so its heat can easily go out. That can keep the health safety for your chef operating the Robata grill while serving the best Japanese grilled dishes to your customers.


Fire safety precautions
Fire is undoubtedly a big culprit for many commercial kitchen accidents, making fire safety a big factor for such establishments such as yours.


Therefore, start by having sufficient fire alarm and stopping equipment in your commercial kitchen. It should have a fire suppression kitchen connected to your gas burner, so your staff can easily cut the fuel source when a fire breaks out and let the fire suppressants automatically spray on the spot.


Of course, having a quality commercial gas burner is one of the vital assurance to avoid fire incidents from starting.


Fire drills and training


As a complement to your fire safety equipment, you should also equip your staff with sufficient skills and knowledge about dealing with fire hazards.


For example, you can begin with simple reminders on using commercial gas burner properly, and train them how to efficiently handle the fire suppression system. This should include orienting them about a fire evacuation drill regularly.


Proper kitchen cleaning and sanitation


Many fires start from accumulated grease and oil, such as those in the chimney and ventilation systems. Moreover, improperly cleaned food spills can cause slips and fall too.


Of course, poor sanitation can result in health problems among your staff and even to your customers. Thus, ensure to implement a thorough maintenance. In particular, make sure that your staff are cleaning their kitchen stations as they work.


These are a few of the important reminders you should take note in keeping safety in your commercial kitchen area. Just don’t forget to have quality kitchen tools to avoid accidents, to begin with, such as a commercial gas burner, from